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Why Fairtrade?

The Fairtrade Mark is one of the most trusted and ethical labels in the world. It tells your customers that you are a leader in sustainability, by empowering farmers and workers, and meeting stringent social, economic and environmental standards. 

Why become a Fairtrade licensee?

We don’t like to brag (maybe a little bit) but Fairtrade has been researching, evaluating and learning from the impact of Fairtrade sourcing for 30 years. Working with Fairtrade can lead a movement for change, create resilient farming communities and solidifies your reputation in ethical production.

Increasingly consumers are demanding transparency and sustainability in the sourcing of their food and their products. The best way to do this is through trusted, independent, third party certification – that’s Fairtrade. Putting the Fairtrade Mark on your products, stocking Fairtrade goods or serving them to your customers demonstrates your ethical commitments, has a positive impact on commodity producers and gets you closer to your supply chain.

Check out our Resources for more information on why to get Fairtrade certified.

Some Fast Facts

The efforts of the past 30 years have meant change and empowerment for millions of people, but don’t take our word for it – just check out these numbers!

0 Farmers and workers are involved in Fairtrade worldwide
0 Countries and territories where Fairtrade producers operate
0 USD made in Fairtrade Premium payments to producers globally over the past 5 years

So what sets Fairtrade apart from other certification bodies?

Whether your company is large or small, partnering with Fairtrade can help improve the lives of the farmers and workers who produce the products you sell. Here’s how it will benefit your business:

  • The guarantee of a Minimum Price is unique to Fairtrade certification. This covers the cost of sustainable production for the product in that region and provides a safety net for when prices crash.
  • We also have Fairtrade Standards. Here, we help you to understand your supply chains, address sustainability challenges, talk about the change you are affecting and convince consumers of your mission.
  • The Fairtrade Premium contributions are additional payments that come with certification. They are often used to support better farming practices, invest in strengthening producer businesses or improve their local communities and plan for the future.
  • Marketing and promotion of your Fairtrade certification is critical, but it may also be daunting. So we provide you with some marketing materials and support, relevant data as well as advocate on your behalf at the policy and business level.
  • The Fairtrade global system is 50% owned by producers representing farmer and worker organisations. With an equal voice, producers have a say in decision-making within our General Assembly and on Fairtrade International’s Board of Directors.

But don’t just take our word for it. In early 2020, Fairtrade was recognised as the most effective labelling system in the world after analysis from an independent body, The Fair World Project, in their International Guide to Fair Trade Labels. We were assessed as the most effective across environment and sustainability, workers rights, gender equality and fighting poverty achieved via the Fairtrade Premium payment system.

What Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand can provide

Our team will support your Fairtrade journey from certification right through to business development and marketing and promotion. We are with you all the way!

Communication and Promotional opportunities
  • Promotion through Fairtrade’s supporter newsletter, website and social media channels
  • Fairtrade brand research
  • Information on specific Fairtrade programme areas that support farmers and workers (e.g. climate change, gender, fair pay and child labour)
  • Provision of materials promoting Fairtrade, including opportunities to participate in campaigns
Business development
  • Support in sourcing ingredients and connection to supply chain actors
  • Impact stories and producer profiles (incl. Fairtrade Premium use)
  • Research results and analysis of sustainable (Fairtrade) products
  • Case studies of e.g. Fairtrade product promotions
  • Access to promotional materials and marketing support
Certification and licensing
  • Support in registering Fairtrade products and complying with composition requirements
  • Timely approval of product packaging and promotional material using Fairtrade Mark
  • Assistance in sales reporting via our online program Connect
  • Assurance of robust certification system and guidance in the Fairtrade Standards
  • Guidance in preparation for Fairtrade audits and understanding the Fairtrade Standards

Fairtrade aligning your business with modern slavery regulation

Addressing human rights issues are core to good business practices. 

We can offer unique insights to help improve supply chains and counter modern slavery. This is backed by rigorous standards that are transparent, publicly available and apply to all operators in the supply chain. Fairness, for everyone.

View our Resources page for our Modern Slavery Brochure and other valuable resources.

Become Certified

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