Celebrating women everywhere this mother’s day

Fairtrade Australia New Zealand (ANZ) has joined with Moral Fairground to be part of an event celebrating women and Fairtrade at the Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne on Sunday 9 May.

A ticketed tea party event will take place from 11am and will feature three inspiring women speakers including Fairtrade ANZ CEO Molly Harriss Olson.

In addition, a free FairTrade marketplace will be open in the beautiful grounds of the Convent and will include 20 market stalls, a Fairtrade flower wall installation and live music.

Ms Harriss Olson said that it’s an appropriate way to recognise World Fairtrade Day (May 8) and Mother’s Day.

“Women are integral to our work at Fairtrade – while they only make up around a quarter of the producers we work directly with, we know that they produce up to 80% of the world’s food,” she says.

“The challenge for us then is to make sure that these many women have their voices heard, are represented and given opportunities.”

“Events like this one are important because part of the way we can celebrate women’s achievements is by honouring the wonderful products they produce – including Fairtrade roses – which are new to Australia.”

Female flower farmer in Ethopia behind flower farm
Adanech Horgaso, 22, working at greenhouses in Ethiopia holding a young plant


“Almost half of the workers in Fairtrade flower farms are women and many are working their way to the top by managing and overseeing the farms. It’s an area where Fairtrade gender equality programs have had a huge impact.”

Attendees to the tea party will receive a free Fairtrade rose and Eloments tea, which is also Fairtrade certified. Coffee served during the tea party will be from Jaspers, one of Melbourne’s most well-known Fairtrade coffee suppliers.

Fairtrade roses will also be displayed in an installation in the marketplace. Visitors will be invited to use the installation as a special Mother’s Day backdrop for their photos and the wall will be de-constructed at the end of the day and roses will be handed out to visitors.

Other speakers at the tea party will be Nicole Lamond, Founder of Universal Village and Cynthia Cheong, Secretary of the Executive Committee for the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand. Tickets are available through Moral Fairground.

For interviews with Fairtrade ANZ CEO, Molly Harriss Olson, please contact Virginia Jones, Ph: 0439 430 033 or email virginia@fairtrade.com.au.

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