Licensees in the news!

Fairtrade licensees are, in our opinion, the best businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

They work together with us to make the word a better place, and many also do other work in the social justice arena outside of their commitment to Fairtrade.

So, when their stories get attention, we love to listen and share them with everyone we know. Here are some examples:

  • Kokako were featured on stuff as one of the five best coffees you can buy in your weekly shop. We were unsurprised but very happy for them.
  • There was a lovely story on the Fairtrade Foundation website in the UK featuring Eloments Tea. The growth of Eloments is testament to the amazing work done by its founders Julie Hirsch and Nicole Lamond.
  • In May, All Good launched New Zealand’s first carbon neutral bananas. The story received media coverage throughout New Zealand.


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