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Here are all the Fairtrade cotton brands that can be found in Australia and New Zealand.

fairtrade cotton brands sold in australia

Aagan Organic Bed linen
Coco & Henry Bed linen
Conscious Step Socks
Etiko Apparel, underwear, footwear & custom clothing
Fair Squared Bags
Kowtow Apparel
Macpac Apparel
Meyer Apparel
Mighty Good Basics Apparel & underwear
Nudie Jeans Apparel
Organic Crew Apparel
RREPP Apparel inc. school uniforms & custom clothing
Shelu Bed linen
Terra Thread Bags
The Road Clothing Apparel & underwear
Thunderpants Underwear
Trade Bags Bags
Yuki Threads Apparel & custom clothing


fairtrade cotton brands sold in New zealand

Ecobags Bags
House of March Bed linen
Kowtow Apparel
Liminal Apparel & custom clothing
Macpac Apparel
Thunderpants Underwear
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