Fairtrade in your workplace

Show your team and your partners that you support an environmentally responsible and socially just world. Its leadership in its simplest form.

Become a Fairtrade supporting workplace

Becoming a Fairtrade supporting workplace is super easy.

  1. Source two or more products carrying the Fairtrade Mark.
  2. Submit the sign up form below. 
  3. We will be in touch!


Make the switch

Are two or more products carrying the Fairtrade Mark available in your workplace?

You are good to go.


Why Fairtrade at work?

  • More opportunities for staff engagement and team building
  • Assets from Fairtrade ANZ to showcase your Fairtrade commitment to staff and customers (for both online & in-office use)
  • A stronger profile in the local community
  • Resources for your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or other sustainability reporting

Posters for your office

Coffee poster ANZ Download PDF (2MB)
Hot Cocoa poster ANZ Download PDF (1.5MB)
Tea poster ANZ Download PDF (1.7MB)
Bananas poster NZ Download PDF (1MB)

Hear from others who have made the switch

Being part of a global company, we strive towards a more sustainable and ethical future. Fairtrade at work fits so well with everything else that we’ve been doing regarding staff engagement and in promoting sustainable living, not only in the workplace but also at home. Our staff experience a wonderful ‘feel good’ factor just by drinking their cup of coffee every morning. What a positive start to a working day. 

Olivia Mikkelsen, Frontline Administrator at RICOH


We know that we are a big player in the market and we can make a difference. Moving to Fairtrade for BNZ was about our commitment to corporate responsibility. We like our actions to speak and we made the change because it is the right thing to do. 

Jessica Rodger, Sustainability Manager at BNZ


KPMG NZ was pleased to become a certified Fairtrade workplace in 2014. It wasn’t a hard change to make as we believe purchasing Fairtrade Certified products is better for the growers & farmers, our communities and the environment – so better for all of us. 

Plus the new Fairtrade tea and coffee products we purchase have been received very favourably by our people. Fairtrade aligns well with our New Zealand CSR strategy, our Global commitment to the UN Global Compact and Global partnership with Oxfam, and is one way to encourage our people to support the positive economic principles of Fairtrade. We are also looking at ways of introducing a wider range of Fairtrade products into our business.

Justine Todd, National Operations Manager at KPMG NZ


At the Sustainable Business Network we have a strict procurement policy around everything we purchase including a commitment to buying Fairtrade certified coffee, tea, sugar, cocoa and, where possible, fruit such as bananas for our kitchen supplies and catering. In the first instance we purchase Fairtrade products from our members. We believe it’s important to buy Fairtrade to support sustainable businesses all around the world by paying a fair price for producers as well as helping farmers in the Fairtrade system to better care for the communities and environment they live in.

Julia Jackson, Transformational Leader at SBN

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