Fairtrade is more than a label. It is a citizen movement that wants to bring about lasting and long-term changes by mobilising consumers, civil society and the political world.

Why Fairtrade?

An unfortunate symptom of sustainability trends is ‘fairwashing’. The less popular cousin of greenwashing, fairwashing is the misrepresentation of how fair and equitable a company is in terms of wages and equality.

This has resulted in an explosion of ethical labels in the market. Many of these lack credibility and make it difficult for businesses and consumers to know who to trust.

Fairtrade certified businesses are independently audited by FLOCERT. Third party auditing is unique to Fairtrade and critical to ensuring the certification is robust and transparent.


What is the difference between Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance?

Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance, both not-for-profit organisations, offer a set of standards and certification for those that meet the requirements – with the aim of better respecting farmers, workers and our environment.

However, if the mission is similar, the approaches and methods are different.

Rainforest Alliance’s approach is to create a more sustainable world using social and market forces. Whereas, Fairtrade acknowledges the systemic inequalities that exist in the market, and provides a solution to address them.

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We have offices in both Australia and New Zealand with local staff dedicated to supporting Fairtrade brands and creating greater Fairtrade awareness in these markets.

This means we can tailor campaigns specifically for the needs of Australian and New Zealand consumers and businesses.

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