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Definitions: Fairtrade is an independent, trusted and globally recognised product certification system. By applying rigorous social, economic and environmental standards, the Fairtrade system helps create a real, positive difference in people’s lives – from the farmers and workers growing crops and producing raw materials, right through the supply chain to the place where you buy the end product.

LOGO The Fairtrade Mark
Should be used only on Fairtrade certified products. When a product bears this Mark, you know that Fairtrade producers benefit from the purchase of the product.For permission to use the Fairtrade Mark please email: licensing@fairtrade.com.au
LOGO The Fairtrade Logo
The Fairtrade logo or brand mark is used to represent the Fairtrade Organisation in all other contexts.


Agreement and guidelines
Do’s – the Fairtrade logo and brand artwork can be used when referring to:

  • Fairtrade as an organisation
  • The Fairtrade Standards and system
  • Fairtrade’s work in general and the issues we work to address

The use of the Fairtrade logo and brand artwork is done so in Agreement with the above guidelines and the Permitted User will not transfer this permission to another party nor hold Fairtrade ANZ responsible for any actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, expenses and/or liabilities of any kind incurred as a result of using the Fairtrade logo or brand artwork.

Fairtrade Logo and Brand Artwork Limited Usage Agreement

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