Choose the world you want

Every trip to the supermarket or online shop is an opportunity to choose the world you want.

This Christmas (and always) we want a world where farmers get paid a fair price for their goods, women thrive and the environment is prioritised.

Choose Fairtrade

Protect the environment

We care about the environment as much as you do. Environmental protection is ingrained in every Fairtrade product. To sell Fairtrade products, farmers have to improve soil and water quality, manage pests, avoid using harmful chemicals, manage waste, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and protect biodiversity.

Brands you love that are protecting the environment:

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Choose Fairtrade

Fight poverty

We all know it can be easy to forget that simply choosing one product over another affects real farmers and workers. By choosing Fairtrade certified goods, you are making sure that the farmers and workers who produce these goods get a fair deal.

Brands you love that are fighting poverty

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Choose Fairtrade

Support gender equality

Did you know 60-80% of the world’s food is produced by women? But gender inequality remains prevalent in farming communities around the world.

The good news is that when you purchase Fairtrade products you are also are tackling unequal power relationships by strengthening women and girls’ human, social, financial and physical capital.

Brands you love that are supporting gender equality

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Gift idea

Want to give a gift filled with fairness? Shop the Hampers with Dignity range from Mr Fresh.

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On behalf of the farmers, workers, businesses and communities Fairtrade represents: We wish you a happy festive season after what has been a challenging year for everyone around the globe.

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