7-Eleven and Fairtrade join forces for sustainability 

Fairtrade Australia New Zealand (ANZ) is delighted to announce that from today (4 October) 7-Eleven’s coffee will be Fairtrade certified. 

This new partnership will ensure that the farmers who grow 7-Eleven’s famous coffee are paid fairly and supported to improve their social, environmental and economic conditions. 

Fairtrade ANZ’s CEO, Dr Mike Briers, says that it’s going to make a huge difference for farmers and workers.

“We’re delighted 7-Eleven is moving towards greater sustainability and that we can support them to achieve fair outcomes for coffee producers,” he says. 

As part of its commitment as a Fairtrade licensee, 7-Eleven has agreed to pay the Fairtrade Minimum Price for coffee regardless of international market price fluctuations. The Minimum Price is based on what the farmers need to cover their costs and support the basic needs of a family. 

In addition, 7-Eleven will also pay the Fairtrade Premium for every pound of coffee they buy. This money doesn’t go to individual farmers but is instead paid into a fund for the community to decide how it should be spent.  

Premium projects often include medical centres, farming tools and sustainability measures like water tanks and solar power. For coffee, at least 25% of the Fairtrade Premium must also be allocated to coffee quality improvements. 

7-Eleven GM of Customer & Insights, Julie Laycock says:

“It’s important now more than ever to know where your coffee comes from, and to know it’s traded on fair terms with fair working conditions. The 80 million cups of coffee that 7-Eleven serve each year will now be 100% Fairtrade certified. This means a more sustainable future for coffee farmers, their communities and our customers.”

“The quality and convenience of our iconic 7-Eleven freshly ground coffee remains as important today as ever, but our customers are seeking more responsibly sourced and sustainable coffee, expecting us to lead the way.”

For further information or to interview Dr Mike Briers, CEO of Fairtrade ANZ, please contact Mark Suttie, Ph 0412 850 195 or mark@fairtrade.com.au

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