New Zealand’s first ever carbon neutral bananas launched by All Good

Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) is delighted to announce that their partner, All Good, has just launched New Zealand’s first carbon neutral banana.

From this week, every All Good banana sold in New Zealand will be Zero Carbon and Fairtrade certified, but will not cost consumers a cent more.

CEO of Fairtrade ANZ, Molly Harriss Olson, said that All Good producing carbon neutral bananas is great leadership and innovation in the New Zealand market.

“We work with producers, including banana farmers, throughout the world to assist them to farm more sustainably,” says Ms Harriss Olson.

“The Fairtrade system gives those farmers access to fairer, guaranteed prices for produce and extra premiums which are increasingly being spent on sustainability measures. In addition, Fairtrade farmers must meet a range of standards, including environmental ones, to be part of the system.

As well as being good for the planet, being Fairtrade certified has a positive impact on brand perception – over 75% of New Zealanders recognise that Fairtrade products have sustainable credentials but more than half say that the brands they like don’t do ethical or sustainable versions.*

This means that more suppliers can consider Fairtrade certification so that they become market innovators, being part of the solution to our sustainability challenges.

“All Good bananas becoming carbon neutral shows that leading our markets towards a circular economy that can achieve a truly sustainable future is in the DNA of All Good,” says Ms Harriss Olson.

All Good have been selling Fairtrade certified bananas since 2008 and with the help of their sales and distribution partner Turners and Growers took the decision to become carbon neutral in recognition that climate change is an increasingly important issue for consumers and Fairtrade producers everywhere.

According to All Good, forest farmers in the Ecuadorian rainforest where their bananas are grown can already see the impact of the climate crisis. For the farmers there is now a greater risk of drought, tropical storms, increased plant disease and social displacement.

As a result, All Good believe that up to half of the world’s banana production is in peril.

All Good bananas have a carbon footprint of 0.649kg CO2e derived from farming, transportation and electricity. To offset this footprint All Good is purchasing carbon credits from an organisation managing permanent rainforest protection in Peru, south of where the bananas are farmed in Ecuador.

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Source: Colmar Brunton, Better Futures 2021 Report*

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