Celebrate B Corp Month in 2024

B Corp Month is an annual, global campaign that gets underway today! Every year during March, our friends at B Lab and the global B Corp community celebrate a month-long campaign. 

In 2021, B Lab and Fairtrade International signed a formal partnership to work together and share knowledge in service of our joint vision for a more inclusive, regenerative economy.  

Whilst Fairtrade Certification focuses on individual products and sustainable sourcing, B Corp Certification is aimed at the entire businesses’ operations and business model.

The two certifications are closely linked, with several of Fairtrade’s valued licensees also holding B Corp certification, including Etiko, Jasper Coffee, Montville, Pablo and Rusty’s, Karma, Republica, Sprout, Bennetto, Kowtow, and Veneziano.  

In fact, sourcing Fairtrade certified products could contribute to your business’ B Corp Certification! 

Get involved today and join us in celebrating B Corp Month in 2024! 

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