Fairtrade x 7 Eleven

From 4 October 7-Eleven’s freshly ground coffee will be proudly Fairtrade certified. This marks the beginning of our official partnership with them which we hope will last many years. This relationship is part of Fairtrade’s ongoing commitment to increasing the awareness of the brand and extending into new markets.  7-Eleven sells massive volumes of coffee (80 million cups per year in Australia) and all of these coffee beans will now be bought on Fairtrade terms. This will have a hugely positive impact on the farmers 7-Eleven are sourcing their beans from in Brazil and India. We are excited to join forces for the better.

We know a big announcement can spark some questions, so, we have prepared some FAQs:

Why has Fairtrade Australia New Zealand decided to partner with 7-Eleven? 

Fairtrade International’s vision is a world in which all producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide on their future.

Locally for us at Fairtrade ANZ, our mission is to create a more equitable world through partnerships with farmers, workers and business.

Put simply, our partnership with 7-Eleven will help us fulfil both our international vision and our local mission. It will make life fairer for the farmers that 7-Eleven buy their coffee from and ultimately, that’s what we’re all about.

Will 7-Eleven pay the Fairtrade Minimum Price for coffee even if the market price drops?

Yes, all Fairtrade licensees promise to pay the Fairtrade Minimum Price. Right now, the international coffee price is quite high so this is not an issue but even if the price drops, 7-Eleven, like other partners, will always pay the Minimum Price. They are committed to doing what’s right.

Will 7-Eleven pay the same Fairtrade Premium as every other coffee trader at US 20 cents for pound?

Yes, regardless of the quantities bought, the Premium costs remains this same.

Can you tell us more about 7-Eleven’s commitment to sustainability and fairness? 

Yes! Not only is 7-Eleven starting a partnership with us but they are taking a range of other measures to show that they are truly committed to sustainability.

From 4 October they will launch their most sustainable coffee ever, alongside their Fairtrade commitment, it features new coffee cups that are paper-based and with a lining made with plants and new lids made with sugarcane and bamboo pulp. This is in addition to the continued growth of their cup recycling program with Simply Cups. This means less carbon emissions overall as compared to the use of traditional plastics and one step closer to achieving their commitment to transitioning all 7-Eleven branded packaging to be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

7-Eleven is  also offering a discount to customers who bring in their reusable coffee cups in an effort to reduce waste in the first place.

What farmers do 7-Eleven source their coffee through?

7-Eleven coffee is sourced through farmers in Brazil and India. The Arabica beans are bought from a cooperative called Ascarive (Associação dos Cafeicultores do Vale do Rio Verde) which is made up mostly of 109 farming families in the Southern region of Minas Gerais. The Robusta beans come from a large cooperative of around 2000 farmers in India called Wayanad Agriculture Society.

How is your relationship with 7-Eleven consistent with the Fairtrade brand? 

7-Eleven align to our values and want to do what’s right by their coffee farmers. In partnering with 7-Eleven, we are increasing the impact we can have on coffee farmers around the word, whilst also raising greater awareness around the importance of purchasing Fairtrade in Australia.

How does Fairtrade control the quality of coffee sold? Can you sell good Fairtrade coffee for $2 a cup?

7-Eleven’s freshly ground coffee is loved by millions of Australians and the quality of it will remain unchanged. We’re excited that this new relationship will allow Fairtrade coffee to be available to an even broader range of customers.

The Fairtrade farmers that 7-Eleven will be buying their coffee from will receive the Fairtrade Premium from the sales and for coffee, 25% of the Premium must go into coffee quality improvements.

Does 7-Eleven work with Fairtrade in any other countries?

7-Eleven Denmark coffee is also certified Fairtrade and organic.

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