Five Aussie and five Kiwi Fairtrade coffee brands serving up for International Coffee Day

Coffee can feel like a lifesaver when it helps you function in the morning. For many farmers and workers around the world, it really is.

Man picking coffee in PNG


Challenges in price fluctuations, variable weather conditions, disease, pests, and now climate change threaten coffee’s very existence as well as the livelihoods of up to 125 million people. What are we willing to give to support our morning coffee?

Fairtrade coffee is an easy way to support the long term sustainability of your coffee. Just look for the Mark to know that the Fairtrade Premium and Fairtrade Minimum Price has been applied to support farmers in building a better quality of life for their families and communities. Including growing better quality beans and confronting challenges like the effects of climate change. It’s win-win.

An espresso shot of facts

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Why Fairtrade coffee matters: 

  • 50% of all Fairtrade farmers produce coffee
  • 582 coffee producer organisations represent 760,000-plus farmers in 32 countries
  • 18% of all Fairtrade coffee farmers of women
  • Coffee farmers received $137 million in Fairtrade Premium in three years to enhance their communities
  • Only 33.8% of Fairtrade-certified coffee is bought on Fairtrade terms. This means coffee farmers are missing out on $270 million a year in Fairtrade premium.

This International Coffee Day (or any day, really), try these brews that are doing their bit in your country and globally

Hands holding coffee cherries in PNG

Five Aussie true brew Fairtrade coffees:
  1. Grinders: As Australia’s largest roaster of Fairtrade coffee beans, since 2010 Grinders have generated over $1,475,000 in Fairtrade Premium funding to help support 795,400 Fairtrade farmers and their communities in 537 cooperatives from 30 countries across the world.
  2. BP: For when you’re on the move, Wild Bean Cafés have recently introduced a new, smooth, 100% Arabica and 100% Fairtrade Wild Bean Cafe Barista Blend. Wild Bean Cafe’s annual Barista competition is also proudly supported by Fairtrade. 
  3. DC Roasters: AllCity is as cool as a hot coffee can be – packed in a striking pinball pack and including beans from Colombia and Sumatra, it’s for the pinball wizards and everyone else too.
  4. The Bean Alliance: Oxfam fair: The Oxfam fair brand was launched in 2010 to bring Oxfam’s Fairtrade, ethical and life-changing products to more Australians for enjoyment in the workplace and at home. Available in all major supermarkets, it’s been doing just that for more than a decade.
  5. Coffex: Coffex is acknowledged for their global and ethical sourcing, and the expertise of their master roasters. Their Global Café Direct Range is made up of blends that are not only Fairtrade certified but also 100% Organic.
Five sweet as Kiwi Fairtrade coffees:
  1. Z Energy: Z Energy has promised to: “be bold and provide leadership and a range of solutions to enable our customers, stakeholders and communities to join us on the journey to a low carbon future”… we’ll drink to that!
  2. Waiheke Bean: The Full Buzz coffee beans come entirely from a large group of farmers (more than 2,500 members) from Eastern Papua New Guinea who have organised into a collective known as the Highland Organic Agricultural Cooperative.
  3. IncaFe: IncaFe is founded on the belief that Certified Organic Agriculture produces more nutritious, healthier products which are better for the environment and simply taste better too.
  4. Grounded: Grounded Responsible Coffee not only tastes amazing, but is also 100% Fairtrade, 100% organic and certified Climate Neutral. With a tree planted for every pack of Grounded purchased, this brew is also helping clean up New Zealand’s waterways and restore native flora and fauna. 
  5. Bruno Rossi: Inspired by Italy’s love affair with espresso, Bruno Rossi is rich, dark and handsome. Put that together with fair, and it’s everything a good coffee should be. 

Find all Fairtrade coffee brands.

Coffee pot steaming PNG

Photography by Josh Griggs, taken in Eastern Papua New Guinea at the the Highland Organic Agricultural Cooperative

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