Get to know Lucy Bennetto


Fairtrade ANZ have recently kicked off a new series where we talk to ‘Fairtraders’ across our network about the work that they do, why they do it and what Fairtrade means to them. To kick off this series we spoke with Lucy Bennetto the owner of New Zealand based chocolate brand Bennetto.


Tell us the best part about your role?

I love working with chocolate! It’s fun and impactful.


What are Bennettos sustainability priorities?

Our primary goal is to create a positive impact on society by promoting happiness and balance in our everyday lives.


What are the key challenges in achieving them, and what kind of leadership do you demonstrate?

When doing things the right way, there are often layers of cost. We get on a do and will never compromise on putting people first.


Can you share a career highlight with us?

A highlight for me was visiting Peru in 2019 with Fairtrade Aust/ NZ.


What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

It’s about bringing awareness to woman and equality, to get people recognising there are gaps.


Finally, what does Fairtrade mean for you and Bennetto? 

I joined the chocolate industry knowing there was a certification program that prioritised people’s rights, education, and the environment. This support has been so crucial in helping us maintain our values.

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