Remembering Wells John Trenfield: The Supreme Fairtrader

The man who remained the north star of fair and ethical coffee in Australia passed away on Saturday 4 May 2024. 

Wells’ life and work was a testament to the power of responsible business and compassion. His unwavering dedication to coffee and people, especially the marginalised smallholder communities that grew the coffee he loved was a beacon of hope. No matter the challenges — recessions, inflation, coffee market fluctuations, or competition — he always emerged triumphant, his laughter echoing through the industry.   

Wells, in partnership with Merilyn, established Jasper Coffee in 1989 with a clear vision: to deliver exceptional coffee while upholding the highest standards of ethics and sustainability. Under his guidance, Jasper Coffee became the first roaster in Australia licensed to sell certified Fairtrade coffee in 2003. This was a giant leap towards promoting equitable trade practices in the Australian coffee sector and supporting coffee-growing communities worldwide. Wells’ commitment to quality control and direct relationships with coffee producers set a new standard of excellence in the industry, ensuring that every cup of Jasper Coffee was a testament to taste and ethical sourcing.  


Fairtrade ANZ CEO Senthil Nathan said, “Wells’ idea of building a business that is a vehicle to help enrich people’s lives remain an inspiration for many of us. I’d call him the Supreme Fairtrader, and we cannot overstate his contributions to the fair and ethical trade movement.” Through Jasper Coffee’s partnerships with Fairtrade-certified producers, Wells championed the empowerment of coffee-growing communities. His leadership and advocacy inspired others in the industry to prioritise sustainability and social responsibility.

For us at Fairtrade ANZ, Wells’ legacy of ethical leadership will continue to positively impact the world of coffee. His pioneering vision of a fair future for farmers remains our focus as we strive to build a more sustainable and equitable future together. Our thoughts are with Merilyn, Jasper, Zoe and Felix as they continue Wells legacy through Jasper Coffee.  

Wells’ family have set up a fund in his memory to raise money for causes that were close to his heart. If you would like to contribute, please see the GoFundMe here: 

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