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Here you can find your Connect log in, resources to help you talk about your commitment to Fairtrade, and a bit of the boring stuff (how to use the Mark etc.)

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Fairtrade Connect is a platform for Fairtrade licensees to upload information on their products that will carry the Fairtrade Mark. Report all your Fairtrade sales and find all the relevant documents here.

Celebrating your impact

Resources for your channels

Social media posts, images and website information – to tell your customers who you are: a leader in sustainability, empowering farmers and workers, and meeting stringent social, economic and environmental standards.  

Fairtrade and your business

By working together, we provide a powerful way to create positive change through everyday purchases. Here are all the resources you will need to support your Fairtrade journey. 

Using the Fairtrade Mark

To find the Fairtrade Mark guidelines for on-pack or promotion, view the Licensee Information section on our Resources page or access them via Connect. These guidelines will explain how the Mark is to be applied to your products and on promotional materials, including some important do’s and don’ts.

Communication Resources

Tell your customers about your commitment to Fairtrade and let them share in the powerful ways your business and Fairtrade are positively impacting lives across the world. There are a number of ways you can do this:

Get your hands on Fairtrade collateral, including product-specific and campaign materials by emailing: info@fairtrade.org.nz 

Fairtrade Campaigns are another great way to get involved and promote your work. We share easy toolkits for you to make the most out of these global initiatives. Together, our voice is louder. Upcoming campaigns are:

  • World Fair Trade Day, 9 May
  • Fairtrade Fortnight, 6-20 August 

When campaign toolkits are available you will find them in our Resources area, ready to download.


To maintain the integrity of the Fairtrade system all licensees must be audited by our independent auditors. If you are a new licensee you will be audited within six months of receiving your Permission to Trade. Once you successfully pass the initial audit you will receive your Fairtrade Certificate which lasts for three years. 

If you have already received your Fairtrade certificate you will be audited once and this audit will occur near the end of your Certificate expiration date. This is simply to ensure you have the chance to renew your Fairtrade certificate. If you would like more information about audits please contact certification@fairtrade.com.au

Fairtrade Standards

Fairtrade Standards ensure fairer terms of trade between farmers and buyers, protect workers’ rights, and provide the framework for producers to build thriving farms and organisations. You can find the trader standard on the Fairtrade International website.

Monitoring and Evaluation Report: Our Impact

Fairtrade performs rigorous monitoring and evaluation across our partner network. This enables us to share knowledge and findings on how Fairtrade certification and products can change lives, and why people should buy Fairtrade. This helps demonstrate, with sound data, the benefits and impact of Fairtrade certification. Check out all the Fairtrade Reports here.

Find out more

You will have many questions during your Fairtrade journey, so we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions from our partners across the world. 


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