Episode 1 – The Climate Crisis Isn’t Fair!

The climate crisis affects us all. But some communities are feeling it much more than others, even though they have done the least to cause it. Step back in time to learn about the inequality at the heart of the climate crisis, and how it is still running through these countries today.

Episode 2 – Farming in a Climate Crisis

Micah Tarus shows us his farm where he grows coffee for sale and vegetables to eat. He explains how the climate crisis is affecting his crop and life in Kenya.

Episode 3 – Weathering the storm with Fairtrade

Farmers in Kericho, Kenya explain how they are able to make changes to their farms and adapt to the climate crisis if they have enough income and cover their basic needs first. They explain how Fairtrade protects them from low prices and climate extremes.

Episode 4 – Taking Action for a Fairer Future

The climate crisis isn’t fair, but we together we can take action for a fairer future. This episode introduces young people to the concept of systems thinking and the collective power we all have to make big changes to our way of life.

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