Fairtrade in the Pacific – in a nutshell

Ever wondered about the work that Fairtrade Australia New Zealand (ANZ) does with farmers in the Pacific region? The latest version of the Pacific Monitoring Report will give you all the insights you need.
Fairtrade ANZ is unique in that it works with licensees and consumers to promote Fairtrade certified products, but we also have a significant number of staff working in the six different countries in the Pacific region. In 2020, we developed programs for almost 24,000 farmers from 19 Producer Organisations  benefitting over 120,000 people in region directly.
The commodities being produced by Fairtrade farmers include: coffee in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Timor Leste and Solomon Islands; cocoa in PNG; coconut in Samoa; vanilla in Tonga and sugarcane and ginger in Fiji. We work directly with the farmers to increase volumes and sales of these products through quality improvements, access to markets and finance and skills training. We also help them meet the Fairtrade Standards around gender, labour practices, environmental sustainability and good governance. As well as this, we assist them in finding the best ways to spend the Fairtrade Premium in their communities, and we monitor the impact that all this work has.
If you ‘d like to know more about all of the great things happening with Fairtrade in the Pacific, read our Pacific Monitoring Report.
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