Some considerations

Posting pictures of kids on social media

There have been some questions around our decision to encourage parents to post pictures of children on social media when, Fairtrade, as an organisation, is focused on protecting the rights of children.

We do not think that this campaign is at odds with our charter because so many parents and carers already post pictures of their kids online and have considered what this means.

However, before you press enter, we do ask you to think about the following:

1. Do you already post pictures on your social media platforms online?

If so, then we are assuming that you’ve considered the privacy implications of this and have altered the privacy settings on the applications as a result.

2. Have you thought about whether your child wants their picture to be public?

When kids are little, we make decisions for them but as they get older, it’s worth discussing implications (in a child-friendly way) with them. For this campaign, we’d really like you to use this picture opportunity as a chance to discuss child labour with your kids, and what it means to be born in a place where kids are expected to work from an early age. Of course, we’d also like you to explain that you are taking a picture for us, and we might decide to use it in our promotional material in the future.

3. Does your photo give away too much personal information?

It’s worth thinking about what your kids are wearing, where they are located and whether their name is obvious in the pictures you make public. Experts agree that it’s best to avoid uniforms, especially school uniforms, and settings where your home address or child’s full name might be obvious.

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