It's time to talk about child labour...

… and the chocolate you’re eating, the clothes you’re wearing, the coffee you’re drinking.

World Day Against Child Labour | Sunday, 12 June 2022

About child labour

Child labour is a problem that affects one in ten children around the world. 

No one wants to talk about child labour when they’re enjoying their chocolate. But it’s time to stop kidding around.   

Right now, more than 1.56 million children are involved in the cocoa industry in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. 1.56. Million.   

It is widespread throughout the chocolate industry. Why? It’s a big, tricky problem linked to poverty, access to quality education, and a series of other factors.  

About Fairtrade

Fairtrade and our partners are not just talking about it… we’re also DOING what is needed to address it. Every day. And you are too, if you’re looking for the Fairtrade mark (not just on chocolate, but on your tea, coffee, cotton and bananas).   


Well, it starts with a FAIR (higher) price. That’s addressing a key root cause of child labour: poverty.   

Fairtrade requires that farmers receive at least a Minimum Price and non-negotiable Premium, which is paid on top of the price. We also require longer-term contracts between producer organisations and buyers. This gives farmers more security to plan for their own futures, as well as those of their children and communities.   

Fairtrade also acts to protect children reported to be involved in child labour within audited supply chains and works directly with farming communities to develop processes to monitor and remediate child labour cases in a way that doesn’t shift the practice to other supply chains.  

Everyone has a role in ending child labour, from farmers to brands to you! 

Play your part. Choose Fairtrade.


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