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We’re in this together. With your help, we can make a real, positive impact in the lives of the farmers and workers behind your products—people like Olga, a coffee farmer from Honduras: watch.

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A case for change

We know that navigating the inner workings of your company to get internal approval for Fairtrade Certification is not easy. Change takes effort. That’s why we have created this simple toolkit to help you make the case for this important ethical and sustainable shift.

Fairtrade basics

Share these simple and visually appealing brochures with your team to get their gears turning about how your brand can contribute to the impact of Fairtrade on farming communities around the world.

Fairtrade standards

Fairtrade Standards are designed to support the sustainable development of farmers and workers in developing countries.

Traders are also covered by the standards, underscoring the commitments businesses make to contribute to sustainability in their supply chains.

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