Photo kit resource - Connecting people and places

The Fairtrade photo kit will help your students connect with people and places without leaving the classroom!

Use the photo kit resource in your classroom

Enhance students’ learning with image-related activities and analysis.

The photo kit provides a selection of photos for students to analyse, and can be used in conjunction with the Global Trade and Development: connecting people and places student resource, or as a stand-alone teaching tool.

With 30 photographs taken in Fairtrade Producer Organisations and their communities, the classroom-ready kit is easy to use alongside the national curriculum at both primary and secondary school levels. It particularly supports learning in the subjects of Geography, Civics and Sustainability, Business and Economics, but can also be used within other areas of learning. Have fun!

Download PDFs

Photo Kit - Global Trade and Development Download
Photo Kit - Student Worksheet 1 Download
Photo Kit - Student Worksheet 2 Download
Photo Kit - Teacher's Notes - Global Trade and Development Download
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