Primary school resources

These resources include a student workbook, accompanying worksheet, teacher’s notes and a photo kit; all free to download. Have fun!

Primary school resources

Global trade curriculum-aligned resources for Australian primary school classrooms

The resource can contribute towards achievement in the Australian curriculum areas (v8.3) listed below. It can be taught as a whole, or can be broken up into components that align with specific sections of the curriculum. 

The materials are aimed primarily at the Economics & Business, Geography and Civics and Citizenship curriculum taught at year 5 and 6 levels, however content and certain activities could be used in a number of other curriculum areas.

Year 5

Economics and Business

  • Influences on consumer choices and methods that can be used to help make informed personal consumer and financial choices (ACHASSK121)
Year 6


  • The geographical diversity of the Asia region and the location of its major countries in relation

to Australia (ACHASSK138)

  • Differences in the economic, demographic and social characteristics of countries across the

world (ACHASSK139)

  • Australia’s connections with other countries and how these change people and places (ACHASSK141)


Civics and Citizenship

  • The obligations citizens may consider they have beyond their own national borders as active

and informed global citizens (ACHASSK148)


Economics and Business

  • The effect that consumer and financial decisions can have on the individual, the broader community and the environment (ACHASSK150)

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