It’s time to choose fair for women 

Women do the work on farms. Women do the work in the house. Women don’t get recognition for that work.

Sound fair?

Make your difference

Choose Fair

Gender equality is a big goal, and sometimes the steps we take can seem small.

This International Women’s Day, join the fight for fairness for women.

Get involved

Help to share the message of fairness for women with your community. Download social media tiles, posters and banners.

Stickers for your Fairtrade cafe
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Choosing Fairtrade products is a simple, effective way to help women get what they deserve. 

Choose Fair

How Fairtrade makes a difference

The goal of Fairtrade is to make sure women in producer communities are represented, their voices are heard, and they are empowered to access Fairtrade benefits. Find out more.

Fairtrade means gender equality

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