Make sure that your coffee and chocolate is part of a FAIRER future for women, children and the environment.


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Papua New Guinea
Coffee & Chocolate

Fairtrade coffee and chocolate is grown by farmers around the world but right now we’re celebrating farmers just across the way in PNG.

PNG is only a few hours flight from New Zealand but the landscapes, climate and lifestyle are a world apart and that’s what makes produce from PNG unique. The lush hills are so perfect for growing cocoa and coffee that everything farmed there is organic and specialised. Over 80% of the coffee and chocolate in PNG is grown by small-hold farmers, who lovingly tend their crops on farms as small as half a hectare.

We know that PNG coffee and chocolate is delicious but it’s also really important to the country’s economy and the 4.5 million people who rely on it for their family’s main source of income. That means if you want to create a world that’s fairer, buying PNG coffee and chocolate is a pretty good place to start.



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